Your College Is At Which Position In Codechef Contests?

I think that there sholuld be a ranklist which can also show the rankings of colleges on the basis of contests.This Will also develop a coding culture in their respective colleges.


do-not think its valid enough , that will discourage others, well if you are interested in seeing your college people’s rank at a place that is there , and even if you want to see college people’s global rank or Indian rank , that facility is also there , no negative views but i donot think there is any need of it , this might discourage people from not that well known colleges.

I think this is a good idea. There will be incentive for people to work hard and get their college name higher up. Basically the competitive spirit will increase. I fail to see how this will demotivate anyone. The mean rating of the college or something can be used as the parameter.


it might happen someone just participates in one contest and leaves forever , but that will stay there whenever average will be calculated and it becomes tough then for others that is all i would say

Codeforces does the same thing. If you don’t participate for some amount of contests(or time) then your rank doesn’t count. You might check codeforces ranking to see that every user has rank in for format. “Actual Rank(Rank if inactive removed)”

@vijju123 what do you think about it?

+1 to the idea. Even hackerearth and codeforces have this feature.

I will forward your suggestion to @admin . We got to see if we got enough resources (and time) to work on it or not. :slight_smile:

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@meooow what is your view?

Check this one,


I want your views also

@rachitiitr and @trashmaster

Nice idea. i think there should also be a way to see each country’s rank.


yes it will make a coding culture in colleges


I did not find my school there. :frowning: :frowning:

It will seriously create a coding culture in colleges

I don’t know why @raj79 is against this

I think it will help ,friend

@spp____ You have enough karma to comment, please comment instead of creating separate answer to address someone. This keeps the thread clean.

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It sounds like a good idea but everything depends on how the ratings are calculated. I think ideally the rating of a college should not be held back by those who do not participate regularly, and each student should feel that their performance would be able to increase the college’s rating in order for that to be a motivation.

Ok I will always follow this from now @ista2000

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I think everyone like this idea including me :slight_smile: