[UPDATE]Chrome web store now has Coding shout

Frustrated of staring at your screen waiting for the result of your submissions to pop up? Relax and read the next problem while this extension checks the result continuously and notifies you as soon as the results appear. It uses text to speech to say the result, or if you prefer being silently notified, there is an option for that too.

Supported judges:

  • Codechef
  • Codeforces
  • AtCoder Beta

Donwload links:




You can alternatively follow the instructions given on Github to build it from source.


PS: It is about a second faster than the submission page.


Does it manage to get past the sparky thing?

Yep, no Sparky problem.

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THANK YOU! Sparky was such a pain in the bum.

Nice work. I’m curious, how did you find the endpoint you are using? Also I would suggest a longer interval between requests, you know CodeChef’s servers.


Nice. Next project idea. Take a list of files and submit them one every minute. To bypass 1 user/minute bar.

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@meooow Just fired up console and ticked log XMLHttpRequests. I increased the ping time by 4 times, so that should be fine now.

Good idea but I don’t want to burn Codechef servers :wink:

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It’s working smoothly Good job. Thank you!!

I added a new update which lets you enable text to speech optionally for points and time taken.


are you considering extension for firefox too?

Will definitely look into it tomorrow

@madhur4127 It’s live https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/codechef-shout/

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Good Job
Thanks a Lot

If anyone with a Mac can test it for Safari and report back, it would be great.

If you aren’t familiar with git, you can follow the improved instructions now to set up the extension.

nice work dude:)

Great work, Keep it Up !!

it’s very useful, now I don’t have to wait for the results on the submission page.

You could also make such an extension for CodeForces.

The latest update adds Codeforces support