Statistics DEC 2014

Hi all,

contest is starting slowly this time, but weekend is in front of us…

Current statistics:

CHEFPRES: 496[>= 20.0] /  385[>= 80.0] /  375[>= 100.0]
SANSKAR: 1208[>= 20.0] /  804[>= 80.0] /  713[>= 100.0]
CHEFBR:   820[>= 10.0] /  818[>= 15.0] /  727[>= 25.0] /  423[>= 90.0] /  414[>= 100.0]
DIVIDEN:   53[>= 25.0] /   28[>= 100.0]
KALKI:    333[>= 0.0]  /  207[>= 20.0] /  164[>= 40.0] /  156[>= 60.0] /    9[>= 80.0]
XORSUB:  2069[>= 30.0] / 1291[>= 70.0] / 1289[>= 100.0]
RIN:       65[>= 20.0] /   21[>= 100.0]
CAPPLE:  4571[>= 25.0] / 4570[>= 27.0] / 4506[>= 48.0] / 4504[>= 52.0] / 4259[>= 73.0] / 4241[>= 75.0] / 4240[>= 100.0]
SEAGCD:   346[>= 10.0] /  308[>= 40.0] /  189[>= 100.0]
GOODGAL:   49[>= 22.0] /   46[>= 78.0] /   39[>= 100.0]

edit: updated 0 days 12 hrs 0 min to contest end

Last update before the contest end.


Yes! because most of the people are busy with their end semester exams. :frowning:


And the questions are tough! :stuck_out_tongue:


But most of the people in IITs, NITs are over with their end sem exams…:P…

We all have completed our end sem exams and enjoying holidays , expecting a lot of participation this december

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Hopefully all exams went well, enjoy coding :wink:

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yes , same to you :slight_smile:

and people like me are preparing for semesters…:P…:frowning:

In previous contests, I managed to solve 4 problems. This time (Yes, exams are one thing but… coding is more captivating), after solving first question, on all other questions I just scrolled up and down, tried finding on internet the related algorithms, found some but could not code them. This is one tough challenge.

now waiting for the editorials :P:P:P

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Seriously man!

never mind dude…;)…All the best for your exams…do well…later you can the solve the problems in the practice section…;)…yeah the contest is comparatively tough though…:(…

Haha Seriously @xiaoyu_02

Same Here…!!

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I found November challenge difficult didn’t got the problem statements, had a reason semester were goin on.

Attempted November Lunchtime and wow i was screwed up… Thought i should leave the programming and should focus on my field of engineering but still continued, Then came December Challenge and this happened again :expressionless: now i think i have to study and practice a lot of algorithmic problems b4 attempting any other contest…!

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This contest is really tough indeed i suppose,as i too searched for algorithms,even studied some thoroughly,but wasn’t able to implement it.Mr. Aloknath truly made me feel that i can’t learn his sanskars.Even after trying hard,i got a feeling as if problem’s saying to me “Tumse Na ho Paega” :)I also felt the same as @rishabhprsd7 i.e about leaving this.Because spending whole day for a single problem,reaching nowhere close to the implementation of algorithms related to the problem’s is pathetic.I was totally disheartened,after my failure to get ACd :frowning:
Truly saying now i will never ever joke about Mr.Aloknath,especially about his Sanskars:)I believe all who faced trouble in solving Sanskar problem will remember him for long,so will I:-)
Guys,this contest proves that knowing the logic doesn’t mean you solved it,until n unless you can implement it:)
Will need a lot of practice.


Same here!!..

hahaha… thats true @ansh1star033

After three days of debugging and testing my code on around 1000 random test cases i got ACed on 58th attempt…!!

I will never forget this question in my whole life… :stuck_out_tongue:

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the challenge problem ‘KALKI’ is one wicked problem alright!! There’s more to this problem every-time i look at it!! unending possibilities :wink:

Well done!! :slight_smile:
Inspiring too:)

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I am unable to think what exactly i have to do in that problem…! :frowning: