Problem with new ratings!

New ratings are not calculated as expected. Adding up gain to last score should be more while its lesser. Anybody else noticed the same?


I don’t understand what you are reporting, but in my case I increased my reting last contest, but actually it shows it decreased in APR13…

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I’ve noticed that my previous score was decreased by around 200 when I checked in the graph.

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He is referring to your rating points… Yours increased from 3464.9 to 3527.8… The original question is, “isn’t the increase in your points (~ 63 points) way bit lesser than what it should have been?”

I too felt that the ratings is not proper this time. But, I am one who usually do not care about these ratings (we get to learn a lot more than just an increase in the ratings). So, no worries for me. :wink:

I am also expecting a more increase in my rating after scoring 6.76 in MAY’13 but it didn’t came out the way it should have. There might definitely be some problem.

My rating has problems too. Last month I had a rating around 3600 and 3700 (April). But now it shows that last month I had a rating of 3550(April) and now 3667… It seems like last month ratings were recalculated… I think every user that participated in the contests deserves to know why.


Same here my rating of April’13 contest has been decreased by 150.27 (x to y) and this time May’13 ratings is increased by 160.25 on y, but it should have been x+160.25.


Actually, I do mean the same.


Thanks for clarifying. I have no idea what increase I can expect, so that doesn’t bother me…

Yes and that’s awful.


@admin have a look on it… it is surely a bug.

Actually yes. Earlier the graph showed my rating after april long to be around 4553. But now the rating after april long is displayed as 4390. Weird it is.

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I had contacted the admins and they have said it was related to the cheating cases in APRIL13 and their was a miscalculation and they are rectifying it.

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@tijoforyou… of course learning is really important but ratings allow us to see our progress and what we accomplished so far. Decreasing one’s rating in a previous contest without some kind of warning is like a depreciation of our efforts


Same here… April’13 rating decreased by 160. Expected a bit more increase this time!

@junior94 I agree with you 100%… And I do check my rankings/rating once a contest is over… Only thing is I usually forget these numbers and carry on with what I learned from the competition. :wink:

Same case here too. My April rating was decreased by 200. Don’t know why so.

@all yes there is some problem in calculations of ratings…

I think everyone’s previous rating decreased by some points and than they added new rating to this decreased old rating.

After April contest my rating was approximately 3700 but now in graph it is showing 3569 so and than new rating they added .

So @admin Please have a look on your system and do revert us…
Still admin did not replied yet??..??

Happy Coding!!!

For almost 15 min in the day , my april rating dot was missing from the graph , when it came back it was lower then I last saw by almost 160 points :frowning: .