November Cook-Off rating calculation

When will rating changes occour for November Cook-Off?

@admin @vijju123

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I’m waiting too


@vijju123, Sorry for bothering about the same thing again, but I had asked you in a thread about November Long Ratings being inconsistent / not updated post the plagiarism check. My ranking was 500 odd pre-plagiarism check and now is 430 odd. So the rating would supposedly change (even codechef rating predictor says so). Similarly, ratings of people caught in plagiarism check are yet to be updated. There are people with 7000 rank in November Long and a +150 rating.

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Hey dear, sorry for late reply. I got multiple mails stating the issue as well, so must have forgotten to reply to some. The issue is notified to @admin and they have thelist of people to penalize. But currently they are dealing with something else, so once its done, the penalties would be handed over without delay. Hope that clarified :slight_smile:

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Why it is taking much more time than usual?

What is the use of the Announcement “There is delay in ratings update” when everyone knew it :slight_smile: Atleast should have stated we will update by so and so time.


People usually start panicking as such “Why are ratings not yet updated”. An official notice about delay usually eases people out for few days :slight_smile:

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Oh so indirectly the meaning is not that we forgot to update ratings but we are intentionally doing it :slight_smile:

Yes, you got it right! :slight_smile:

I think it will be better if the ratings of Cook-Off and Lunch Time are given together.

and Why exactly?

Perhaps he did very poorly in cook-off, will get demoted to 2 star. But if lunchtime ratings are combined and he does well in it then…:stuck_out_tongue:

lmao people only think about themselves!! XDXD

I joined roughly around 17th July 2017 and I have appeared for 7 contests till date. I’m okay with what I am right now with the time I spend for coding. You are right that “I did very poorly in Cook-Off”. But that is not going to be same all the time. BTW I didn’t join in November 2016 or June 2017. Happy Coding!!!

But again, is it fair that you put forward a proposal affecting community with only your own selfish gain in mind?

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@admin you procrastinate more than me, Just kidding!!

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and yes I drew it myself!!I just got the guns and glasses from the internet

Hmmm, this brings forward the critical issue of “severed meme-culture” in the forums. Wish I could do anything about it XD

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@vijju123 bro watch out I got guns!! (° ʖ °) XD

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