Letter to the codechef admin.

@admin, while i read many editorials on codechef , i found it hard to understand just by reading. but when i find the editorials on Youtube for some well known algorithms, they are very easy to understand. It will be greatful if you start uploading editorials in video form or you can allow other codechef users to upload the videos related to editorials who have already solved the questions in a contest.this can save our lot of time reading and interpreting the editorails line by line…!!(you can also think to make your own channel on youtube for explaining the editorials)
I hope my point is clear to you.
Thank you…!


I was just thinking of this and you came up with this post.
Yes, It would be great and easy if Codechef posts video editorials.

Uploading the videos on youtube and providing the link of the video in the editorial would be fine.



I am also facing same issue …Editorial very dangerous to understand…

uploading videos at codechef editorial on codechef site become burden on this site.

before you , one user also raised this point , they had answered it will become burden to handle so much heavy data …

I think It is not good choice because it will slow down performance codechef’s site itself as it will contain heavy data.

I think they should make own youtube channel or they can link some tutorial or channel which are already exist and directly related to problem specifically

Or one thing they can do they should provide some platform where users also can make his own video editorial and provide to codechef admin which they find best link that editorial only(video)
with proper explanation and they also can provide some karma for those users who will provide good editorial to make interesting and competitive this things also

if anyone has other idea please share …it will help of many of many users…(

(both of us too…:P)

happy coding


thanks to @va1ts7_100 to raising again this point

experts will look into matter soon

I want to upvote this post but since i don’t have enough reputation points i end up commenting =D


here i am upvoting for you which will helpful to you upvote in future please right of vote properly to help to recognize some genuine issue which is faced by users…hope you will get enough karma…

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@rclsdav2017… you wlcm… :slight_smile:

hhhh… @rcsldav2017, this is what karma means on codechef…!! thanks for the information :slight_smile:


yeah… well said … :slight_smile:

Don’t worry you will earn Karma points too :smiley:


@shubham99 how we will get??

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beside commenting on answer please vote for it…
anyway thanks

I meant this for @sanstroke.


@admin If you do video editorial, along with the video, don’t forget to post the written editorials too. Some of us (like me) don’t really have fast Internet connection to stream or download video. Plus I find reading more easy to understand than someone teaching.

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we are not saying remove written editorial …

we are saying please link video tutorial link too…

don’t be worried @dragonemperor…!! we are asking for both type of editorials…!! textual as well as video… :slight_smile:

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Yes, video lectures are easy and fast to understand, but who will do the video lecture editorial,
Video lectures for some algos like KMP,Tries are fine,
I dont think its possible to have a video lecture for every question, and to store them all in their server,and Ediotrialist may not have time for it and some problems editorials have lots of links and pdf pappers to be studied .


That would be a great idea


It won’t hurt; however, I don’t see reasons to think such thing is really needed.

First of all, usually these videoeditorials aren’t saving your time :slight_smile: You need only a few minutes to read short editorial, and much more time to watch a video where same things are described in detail. By working on editorial by yourself for same time you should be able to reach same results.

And if it looks that you aren’t - there are several possible reasons. It is possible that editorial is bad. From my experience, such happens quite often, but still most of editorials at CodeChef have a pretty good quality. It is possible that you are not capable to learning for some reason. That’s bad news for you. People all over the world are fine with learning from editorials - users at sites like CodeForces are fine with learning from editorials, why can’t you?.. And the last possibility is - you are simply lazy. Lazy to work on it and learn new things. In this case videoeditorial wouldn’t help you much. You’ll feel like you learned and understood things better, because they were explained detailed, but in a lot of cases it will be a wrong impression.

Rarely there are things which can be presented in video but can’t be presented in text editorial (like some dynamic illustrations). Also there are some people who pathologically can’t grasp one form of representing of information (like text) but are doing much better with some other form (sound, video, illustrations). But in most cases it doesn’t make much difference.

These video need somebody to perform that videoeditorial, they also need storage, you need good connection to watch them… Once again, there is nothing really bad in your idea…

If you find editorials at other sites good, while CodeChef editorials are constantly bad for you - maybe it should be a feedback for CodeChef editorialist - they should change something in the way they are presenting ideas and solutions. I don’t face such troubles, but if there are lots of people saying same thing - it should be a sign for CodeChef team. If all text editorials are hard for you - I have bad news for you; you should start working of improving your learning skills, because if you aren’t capable on learning - other people have huge advantage over you, and you’ll face hard times qiute often.


Hey All, Thanks for the kind suggestion. We will love to put up video editorials. However, at present we are running a rather packed schedule, which makes it pretty tough to squeeze in such a huge task. If anyone of you are interested in taking up the task, you are most welcome. You can write into us at: help@codechef.com and we can take it further.