ICPC Regional wise list of probable qualifying teams.

ICPC Regional wise list of probable qualifying teams.

The above mentioned file contains list of all probable teams which will be selected for the respective regionals.

The data has been fetched from official
CodeChef Ranklist
published after the contest and has been queried accordingly as per the selection procedure by various regionals mentioned on their websites.

PS : This is not the final list. There might be some changes and the final revised list may turn out to be a little different.


UPDATE: The ranklist has been updated after rejudging. Kindly ignore the above list.

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@raunak_parijat Ranklist is modified. You have to update the list again.

algorithm used to sort out the list is wrong, there are teams even qualifying two regionals .


Can you please make the list again , using the updated rank list


Could you let know the number of distinct colleges to solve atleast 1 question ?

One team can qualify for 2 regionals.

CodeChef has not uploaded the updated list yet. Once CodeChef does that, I will sort accordingly and update the list again. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Why are many teams missing from the list?..for example site rank 108,109 are missing and so are many more…Please answer this query.

what is the proper algorithm for selecting teams ?

Team Selection for Onsite Contest:

The teams which could not solve even a single problem in the preliminary contest are eliminated. The remaining teams are ranked according to performance.
Assuming there are N number of problems in the preliminary contest, selection of teams for onsite contests are done as follows, subject to the constraint that maximum number of teams from a single institute can not exceed three.
Teams solving all the N problems are selected first.
The remaining slots will be filled by selecting top ranking team from each institute according to the rank after removal of the teams selected in Step 1.
If slots are still available, the second ranking team from each institute will be selected according to rank. This procedure will continue to third ranking teams in each institute (subject to above constraint), if vacancy exists.

If number of teams selected thus exceeds number of slots at any stage, the lowest ranking teams will be removed.
Foreign teams need not participate at online contest, they will be directly promoted to onsite round. But they must register at the Baylor site by the due date.

Source: http://acm.iitkgp.ac.in/


thanks buddy, is it going to be same for amrita site ?

@shivam270896 I believe Amritapuri allows a maximum of 10 teams from a single institute, and not 3.

Edit - So I found 2 sites

http://icpc.amrita.ac.in/2015/index.php/cookbook-2016/ (recently published)


https://www.amrita.edu/event/icpc/onsite-round (was published a while ago)

which contain (mostly) all the relevant information regarding selection procedure for the Amritapuri site. Note that the contents of the first page suggests that the procedure stated in the second page are mostly tentative, and in the end will depend on the rank distribution.

https://www.amrita.edu/event/icpc/onsite-round . Its not the same for amritapuri according to this. After the top team , the remaining slots are filled in rank order such that more than 12 teams dont come per institute

@raunak_parijat Where did you find the selection criteria for Chennai regional ? Last year they had slots for 5 teams from each institute. What about this year?

@raunak_parijat ranklist is now updated i guess

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Playing along the approximation guessing games :slight_smile: and Assuming that at most 12 teams are selected from each college and at first the first team from each participating institute is selected.
This assumption was based on the tentative selection procedure mentioned here
Here is what I found at the end of a small script …
NOTE : This expected to be the order of teams with not more than 12 teams from each college and the first team from each college fist. There were in total 242 Colleges.
BELOW LINK IS FOR AMRITA REGIONALS ONLY and highly tentative to changes.
Here is the link!


I tried generating the ranklist with the algorithm described here : http://acm.iitkgp.ac.in/

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@a1a99_3 See this : https://github.com/sarvagya3943/ICPC_Onsite_Ranklist , tell if you find any bugs .

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What algorithm did you use ? Its seems different from the one here : http://acm.iitkgp.ac.in/

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