February Long challenge div2 is like math exam :/

First of all , I want to say thankyou to problem setters .Those problems remind my higher schooling math.
Another one , codechef long challenge division 2 becoming math exam because most of the questions are math related and a formula we need to derive.
Instead of giving these type of questions just give some good algorithm based questions so that we can learn them and compete with good programmers :slight_smile:
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Totally agree with this.Problem clearly was 3rd & 4th questions.They were just too easy.Just making problem statement long doesn’t mean you increase difficulty.That’s clearly evident from number of submissions too.I believe 5th & 6th should have been 3rd & 4th.Both Art of Balance & Manhattan were really good questions.Can’t upvote because don’t have enough reputation points


Problem solving and Coding is all about math. If you good at math you easily derive a new equation’s for new problems, BTW this long challenge not a lunchtime or cookoff where you find a problems where pre-defined algorithms fit’s.

Long challenge it’s a place where you can take a time and create your own algorithm using math and finally you solve a problem.

I really enjoy this LONG CHALLENGE, really it refresh all the fundamentals of GEMEOTRY,PROBABILITY and BASIC MATH’s.

A very well thanks to setter’s.


Yes ofcourse we enjoyed a lot but my question is just put some questions related to algorithms where previous long challenges had atleast 3 algo based questions for division 2 so that people learn new concepts.i don’t think these contest have such problems it just remind us geometry and probability not new algorithms and programming is all about math but we need to take care of computer fundamentals like data structures and algorithms also those are very important too

I’ll tell you one thing. Many people get stuck in these problems as well. It’s good that these problems are set so that you can brush up your higher mathematical skills and remain updated. Overall a good contest.


Well most of the questions were just math.Please try to add one question on DP also.


I observe one thing that every long challenge belongs to some common concept, this time it’s math turn maybe.

Totally agree… Not Saying That these type of questions should be removed completely but instead of most of the questions being based on math, it should have some algo or some other type of problems. Like i personally really liked the Art of Balance Question that was asked this time. Took me alot of time to solve that.

lol… next two were DP only(practice question for div2)… you should have tried them… I was stuck there since first day of long challenge…

Well you have plenty of platforms for improving maths skills… codechef is competitive programming platform…
Why don’t you try maths there ?

I would have understood if there were like two three problems of maths… but this time all 7 were mostly so simple… without DSA…

Problem solving and Coding is all about math
It shouldn’t be only math otherwise its not a programming question in the first place… Yes,it can include maths…

I ll have a look but problems in long challenge before January were really amazing.
we had problems like HMAPPY,INTXOR,GMEDIAN and many more they included mathematicsleft. too but were way better. Maybe some of the problem setters

Not saying that questions this time were not good. They were also good but the easiest problem in DIV1 could be replaced with something better.

this time contest was very easy imo…

Hey @goutam88 , mathematics is undeniably a part of coding. Algorithms, think about Divide and Conquer and there comes master’s theorem. Even for dp problems you have to build recursive solution first, bit manipulation is also about maths. I found this long challenge quite decent, maybe it was not suitable for some. And yes it contained DP, Tree and Graph theory problems too. So the moral of the story is that one should try and learn maths when scoring AC is this much easy and yes, codechef problem setters can also be a bit more variant…

There awaits next LONG challenge

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Good brush up on middle school maths

Yes ofcourse programming is all about math but not in this way like formula based this will lead lot of people do cheating …yeah we need problems related bit manipulation and some algo questions atleast 2 or 3 in division 2 guys so that they can try algos rather than math