February Long challenge div2 is like math exam :/

Yeah agree, but all the other contests have those type of questions, this contest was a good refresher of the maths we had learnt in school ! And it took me time to think so I think it was something that needed to be revisited.

Manhattan Rectangle was a good question.

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Now-a-days Div2 has become more of thinking based while Div1 has some good algorithmic and implementation questions. So in Div2 only thinking and some maths is required to solve all the problems. Same happened in previous contest also.

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First four problems of DIV II were cakewalk.

Common CodeChef, your were far better in 2018.

Please add some algorithm question,algorithm question will surely helpful for the campus placement perspective.Totally agree but can’t upvote because i don’t have enough reputation points.

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Previously there use to be Long challenges where we have to put too much of our time to solve those questions for example JULY18B and JUNE18B and there was alot to learn from those challenges but now we can easily solve 4 to 5 on day1 itself Please make challenges such that there is alot of learning .
we couldn’t solve 4 to 5 questions on day1 in challenges like JULY18B and JUNE18B but now many can solve 4 to 5 questions in one day itself so Please make contest like that of JULY18B .

Thank you.

yes! of course
I think these questions are going to improve your Aptitude/mental ability but not much for your programming means i am not saying that math based question should not be given but there should be balance among data structure, Algorithms , Dynamic Programming and some thing like that.

There are some question which are totally math base means if you know the concept of Array and loop you can easily solve these questions so what about programming is this the right place for these question or not.
thanks to all.

unable to vote because of reputation.

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" Just making problem statement long doesn’t mean you increase difficulty. " - lol


I agree that some problems could have been algorithmic, like DPs and Segment Trees, or some graph theory. I really enjoyed solving ‘Art of Balance’ and ‘Guess it Right’. It’s rightly said that before the division, there was a lot more to learn from Long.

I believe 4 cakewalk problems were too many, and if users really want to improve, they should solve something they haven’t solved beore.
Overall, it was good contest in my opinion, but easy.


You mean to say adhoc problems are not useful and one should directly jump into data structures and algorithms?
Plus you are in Div1. Weren’t you guys given questions related to Graph with DP? I don’t see a reason why you must be complaining about Div2. I’m happy that such problems were given in Div2.

@black_truce - It actually does if we just make the English incomprehensible and make the statement contradict itself every new paragraph or forget to give the crucial details reducing statement to a small 5 paragraph story. :wink:


@dolabmoon Ping :stuck_out_tongue:

competitive should improve programming skills but
just printing a line or sum-n+1 is not programming.
There isn’t any use of computer program here in such questions… they are just puzzles… imo competitive programming platform should have question which includes these things
I am complaining because I have to solve last 4 problems of div2 also as I am in div1

Well, true ! There was more to learn before the division !

Don’t you people think Programming is an art of mathematics, sometimes pure math related problems are also important. Honestly speaking, for those like me solving even 4 questions in long challenge was really a challenge. But this time after solving 6 questions i really got good confidence for future problems also. Now i’ll look forward to solve most of them.


can anyone explain how to solve last two problems of this contest.

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Don’t like math exams((Math exams are complicated usually!

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yup !!!
it’s my first participation in long challenges on codechef
FEB19 increased my confidence (DIV2)
Most of the problems are linked with math