Hello Coders,

I take the pleasure in introducing you to Databread.

DataBread is a platform where you can see an aggregate or generalised form of your ratings from major Competitive Programming websites at one place. These currently include CodeForces, CodeChef, HackerRank, HackerEarth and TopCoder.


1. LeaderBoard

The LeaderBoard shows the users registered on this site, here you can find their Ranks, DataBread Ratings and Institution and Country name.

2. User Profile Page

It shows the Usernames and Ratings and also a pie chart showing the percentage of your performances taken while calculating the final ratings. There is also a graph showing user’s last 6 performance updates.

3. User Search Page

You can input the Username or the Name of some user in the search box and see the available users with matching the query easily.

To Register Simply go to, Enter your E Mail ID and your respective Usernames… and done.

Looking forward to see you on the LeaderBoard.


The website servers have been migrated now for better reliability.

The websites UI has been revamped completely, visit and see for yourself.

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Share it with your friends and let more people join this initiative.

Have some great suggestions or found some bugs, just leave them in the comments below.

Thank You and Happy Coding.


Kind of unrelated, but lol. Username “chusli” :stuck_out_tongue: HAHAHAHA XDDD

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He… He… He… BTW you can check you profile too here

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That’s a nice feature you got there!

Nice updates, specially those graphs on the user profile page are very informative.

Keep up the good work buddy, All The Best :smiley:

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Those updates are cool but why has SPOJ been removed? I guess it is a major competitive programming site!

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Let me clear it once and for all :slight_smile:

  1. SPOJ doed not have contest ratings.
  2. There are so many problems available on SPOJ that anyone can gain points even just by doing the easier ones and get a really good rank.
  3. Also there are tons of forums available for SPOJ, you can take help from them for almost all the problems available there.

So, SPOJ is more like a coding practice site. It does not have anything to do if someone is a great coder or not.

Thank You



That explains it well. Thanks. :slight_smile:

BTW, I wanted to ask, How to do you calculate Databreak rating?

Does it consider rating of all 5 sites? Or only best 2-3? (Cause in my pie chart it only shows codechef and hackerrank).

Also, is calculation of ratings a simple average/weighed mean or some other mathematical formula?

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@vijju123 thanks for asking to answer :slight_smile:

For all 5 different websites firstly I have used Standard Scaling to Scale all different ratings to a single scale.

Then I have only taken those ratings into account where you are rated highest (more than the average).


But every website has different range of their ratings. How do you cope up with that?

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Thanks for answering!

@shubham_genius already said that. I am using standard scaling. This is the same thing which you are asking. If you want to know more just google for standard scaling. :slight_smile:

Does Anyone have any ideas on how to make the rating system better, I mean there seem to be a lot of problems on directly using standard scaling!

So If anyone can come up with some better idea then that would be really helpful.

Please Write down your comments here or even better drop a mail to me at or PM me on facebook (here)

Thank You

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I have an idea. Please pardon me if it’s really dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I guess, Standard Scaling will be like fitting a STRAIGHT LINE to your given data. So what if you try to fit directly a POLYNOMIAL instead (like 3 or 4 degree polynomial)?

Please Elaborate

Just write the code for the given question…and gain the points and a good rank in the leader board

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Updates are very interesting

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Hello, world!

Thank You!