Find some values, make a table of the website ratings vs your ratings and fit a polynomial to it.

For e.g. if you want to do this for codechef then

x=1700 y=1500
x=1800 y=1700
x=2100 y=1900

Where x are the ratings on codechef and y are databread ratings(assumed). Now take more such values and fit a polynomial to it.

Thanks @shivamiet

Will definitely look into this but will have to wait till summer vacations :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your response. If you need any help then I can definitely help you out.

Thanks buddy! Will contact you when needed :slight_smile:

really cool . keep it up buddy

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There are some problems when I open the site on my phone, the profile page seems quiet unsized, I mean the graphs seems quiet unscaled.

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Thank you For pointing that out. I’ll try to fix that asap.

I am getting this message while I am registering “Cannot Connect. Try Again.”

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Yeah its really a need for programmers point of view buddy keep going.:v:

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Thank You :slight_smile:

Sorry About that. Actually I don’t have enough funds for this website so it is on “free” servers currently and the performance of those servers is not at par with the requirements and that is why it sometimes has problems.

But I saw you have registered already so thank you and please bear with me for this problem. I will try to fix it asap. :slight_smile:

@shraeyas Why you take only best ratings? Current ratings should be taken to show the proper reflection of the performance of the user. By the way, you did a great job, friend! Think about this point. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the appreciation @ayan_nitd

I think you mistook what best ratings mean. I have indeed taken the current ratings only.

What best rating means is that I have taken the best from all the 5 different websites but the ratings taken into account are the current ones only :slight_smile:

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It’s working fine now @saisurya027

There were actually some problems in sending the code to e-mail. It’s fixed now.

Thanks for the clarification @shreayas Keep up the good job. :slight_smile:

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Thank You :slight_smile:

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There is some problem with ratings. Please check.

Some people having a higher rating are ranked low on the leaderboard.

THanks for pointing out. I already saw that issue and it will be fixed soon. :slight_smile:

Cool. Clearing out discrepancies would be the only way to get an edge over others.


Your website went offline on 30th April in the night.

Please take note on this issue, it’s a serious one.