Codechef Submissions very slow

Yes and also the frustration of compre:)

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Damn my luck. I waited 15 min only to know i copy pasted another problem’s code this time -_-*

I got CS tomorrow, its LITE. Had it been Maths or Thermo…DEAD XD

please whats the problem it takes more than 12 min to process the soln in may 17

Mine is also taking long time to submit…

Its there again

Codechef is taking more time to judge my answer than I did coming up with it


It is happening again!

i submitted my solution but it take too long… it was just showing running… i was very sad whats wrong with
my code… i said one of my friend to login from my id and submit my solution… same result! its just showing running… fed up… Now its showing result accepted…

Extremely poor state of submission status. :frowning:

Hope it gets fixed tomorrow!!

again server issue,please fix this issue @admin

Its happening again !!!

There seems to be lots of TLE verdicts… Is it possible that the server is actually making incorrect TLE verdicts and slows down the submission queue?

I submit the following code (the code is only reading in the input data) to the problem CHEFSUBA and it got TLE…

int n,K,P;
char OP[100010];
int main()
    int i,x;
    for(i=1;i<=n;i++) scanf("%d",&x);
    return 0;

The running time of my submission to the problem WSITES01 is either 0.00s or 1.01s, which is quite…impossible?


No, I don’t think this problem can cause incorrect judging. Submissions are judged one by one so it’s no problem here, many people submit in evening on single time so it’s taking too much time. I mostly submit before 12 PM and I’ve never faced this problem, and today I submitted a solution in evening and it took 5 minutes.

@admin : Its happening again today since evening . I haven’t got my submission judged for 20 minutes

only python and java solutions are accepted… why it is happen??

A friend of mine submitted a solution and got TLE for all cases. He then resubmitted the solution and got TLE for only one case. There is some issue with TLEs.

TLEs are giving me such a hard time this time!! T_T :_(

It’s taking 5 minutes to check the solution … that’s way too long