Codechef Submissions very slow

Is there something wrong with the codechef servers?

I’m attempting the May 17 questions and submission is taking around 3-5 minutes. I’m also receive “Internal Error” often. My internet connection is working perfectly fine as other websites load fast enough. Has anyone else been facing this issue?

It surely doesn’t feel good to have your heart rate raised for 5 minutes only to see a Wrong Answer message :frowning:

Edit : problem resolved.


yeah I think so

Mine has been running for 24 minutes now.

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Hopefully, they fix it soon. submitted a code before posting the question and the verdict is still not given.

same happened in IOPC17 (IIT Kanpur Techkriti). Codechef should really look into this issue (if they haven’t already!)

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Oh wow, that’s a lot! 15 minutes here.

Since this is a long contest, it doesn’t hurt that much, but it’s still quite annoying.

It takes time because at a certain time, limited submissions are judged and extra submissions go in the queue. You don’t need to stick to that submission page. After your submission, you can close that page. It’s taking 3-4 minutes for me too(BitMask contest), but the “Internal error” is just… supernatural. :slight_smile:

true :slight_smile: let’s just proceed to further questions while the servers recover :slight_smile:

mine has already taken 21 minutes!! Codechef should have a look at this.

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It used to take under a minute usually but today it has taken too long, one of my submissions has been running since 20 minutes. That’s not acceptable!

Waited 20 minutes just to see two WA’s :frowning:

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my submission hasn’t been judged … that was submitted half an hour ago …

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Now they are showing an error page that says:
We are not able to process submissions, there is some issue with our judge server. Please bear with us. We will be back soon.
I hope they will resolve it as soon as possible.


Mine has been running for past 48 minutes .

Hope it judges within an hour.

I faced the same problem in BitMask '17…two of my submissions took half an hour(even more)… although i got AC in both of them…but points are not awarded in the ranklist…what’s the issue here??

3-4 mins only?? This is usual. Mine has taken over 1 hour now on 2 problems.

Codechef is global platform
Please bear with them, I hope matter will be resolved soon :slight_smile:

Codechef is global platform
Please bear with them, I hope matter will be resolved soon :slight_smile:

mine has been for over an hour. still bugging me! :stuck_out_tongue: