Codechef Submissions very slow

Finally someone created a thread for this! I thought i was the only one.

The problem page/contest page takes so much time to load, not to include those Internal errors.

Somehow i submitted a solution for one of the problems, and then-

Me: *Anxiously waiting* 
ME: *Waiting even after 5 min for the result*
Me: *At 7th minute*  -_- No use waiting. My code passed the sample test cases anyway, must be an AC.
Server: *After 30sec* : WA, 0 points.
Me: WTF?!

After that i took a break lol. Since its time consuming (and i got finals tomorrow), i thought its better to get back tomorrow. Most probaby they might issue a notice that “Servers would be down/wont accept submissions” from 2-5am (during which they carry out repairs, if any). [It happened in March/Aprils LONG, cant remember when exactly.]

PS: Is anyone else also getting green ticks when at PROBLEM STATEMENT page, even when your solution got WA?

EDIT: The internal server error seems to have reduced. Anyone else can confirm?

EDIT 2 - This issue has resurfaced. My submission has been running since eternity lol. Wish i could give a TLE to judge… (-_-)


i hate this ; my submission is in the queue since an hour cant work on that problem also coz i donno whether its correct or not or tle or sigsegv …lost interest in solving just because of this

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It usually used to be done within a minute or so. I kept getting WA, so had to submit a lot of times. 3-5 mins * 4-5 times is a lot.
Seems like codechef is down for now.

I just have my account created and being prepared for a day. This is my first challenge, but not lucky enough to experience it.

It is not only slow but the server is also down. You can’t even submit a Practice problem until now.

lol that is my exact story! looks like it’s a total blackout now.

Its your first challenge? Dont worry, things happen. Till then, try to run your code against custom test cases or form codes of other problems. Utilise free time so that it helps later :slight_smile:

finnaly its all finetrecchinamandiri

It is working now!


Check now, i heard they fixed the issue. If issue persists, you may want to edit the Q stating that. :slight_smile:

It’s happening again!!!

The thread has been re-opened due to re-surfacing of the problem and hence, possibility of further discussions.

Regards, Vijju123

It is really irritating. @admin Please resolve it asap as End Sem exams are approaching in most of the colleges and no one wants to waste time on submission page.

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Imagine the pain, i cant concentrate on exam thinking “Oh! the judge must have completed evaluation” and keep checking the page every 2 min…Seriously!

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Hopefully, it doesn’t lead to a total blackout this time.

What happened to the judge… mine is running since 10 minutes… Can anyone tell what happening there??

Server issues probably.

today the same problem is happening again :frowning:
it is very disappointing to see Internal Server Error again on codechef

From past 10 mins I am waiting for my result. so sad

XD Exactly same thing is happening with me.

Mine is worse…submitted 3 solutions. Result came after 15min, only to find that 1 out of 15 cases is giving TLE again and again. Imagine the frustration!