CODECHEF Attendance

CODECHEF Attendance Tool

Hey There Guys,

Hope You all are having a good time. I want to present you another tool which can show you your attendance in CodeChef.

This is especially useful for those who want to check their Attendance for the 100% Attendance prize category recently introduced to CodeChef.

Not Writing any further (need to study for exams :p)

Please leave your comments below.


I literally wrote the entire code for the site again from scratch today morning (LITERALLY).

There were mainly 2 problems :

  1. The MARCH COOK OFF getting unrated, so even if some one participated in that, it was still showing that the person didn’t take part.

  2. Even if a person did not solve any problem correctly and their rating changes (might happen if someone submits but doesn’t get AC in any of their submissions) will still be shown as present.

These 2 problems were there because I was scraping the change of ratings instead of the number of Problems solved (which was actually needed).

But no worries people, It’s been fixed now.

Also as I already mentioned that I wrote the entire code again (major parts), there might be some new bugs waiting for me to fix. So please Let me Know. Peace.

Here’s The Link to the site.

FaceBook Page to stay updated :slight_smile:

Thank You.


The only confusion I have presently is whether I should remove that CodeChef Logo or not(Cause it’s unofficial :p).

I will remove it if they ask me to.

Regarding logo, send them a mail. It would be safe that you “informed them”, instead of using it until they retaliate. Cause logos and stuff…its usually best to take permission to avoid unnecessary hassle.

And lmao, i knew you will bring something like this up when i saw you thanking for idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work:)

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Well done buddy! However, it’s sort of an optimisation of counting the contest names in the profile. It would be nice if it would tell the exact time (Eg: Feb Cook Off 2017) When my 100% attendance would be completed.
You took it from O(nlogn) to O(n), now take it to O(logn)!

Absolutely. I just wrote the code for the basic site, didn’t even think much about additional features.

I will definitely add this feature in the near future.

Thank You :slight_smile:

It is awesome work!

Its showing i didnt attend march cook-off. But i did attend it (it was declared unrated later)

Nice work mate :slight_smile: And I agree with @abdullah768 that something like longest streak or contests left to reach the landmark would be awesome!

It actually tracks the changes in ratings and then tell us if someone participated or not.

But I will try finding a fix on that, but till then kindly bear with me (need to study for exams too :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

Please check the March Cook-Off thing. The bug could be because it was unrated.

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I guessed that it would be checking changes in ratings, as its makes it very easy to code :stuck_out_tongue: .

@mathecodician Yes you are right. That’s because it was unrated. :slight_smile:

He mentioned in above comments that its because that contest was unrated. His algo checks for changes in ratings.

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Lol…11 sec difference b/w comments. Time to study for exams XD

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good work…
I hope I can be more regular in future. This should be a good move as seeing more and more of the green tick mark would push me more…

Hey Shreyas, We would like to know more about this new tool of yours. Can we get on a call and discuss it further? You can drop your contact number at help[at]codechef[dot]com and we will get in touch with you.


Aaaan aaaan @shraeyas . Congo bro…only one word…“TREATTT” XD


Congrats @shraeyas :slight_smile: …Keep up the good work… Really nice gesture by Codechef team …