Cheating (problem discussion) in may long 2017

@admin Problems for MAY LONG 2017 are being discussed on this website. Till now 4 problems have been discussed , today only the site had 141 visitors . Are you going to make this contest unrated but that will be unfair for many contestants ,what action are you going to take ?


I think to make the whole contest unrated mi8 be a bit unfair… but the users there… if they can be tracked… should be penallized.


They are even discussing Hackerrank’s week of code contest there!

Looks like sid caught the whole lair of cheaters?

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The coding approach for solution of easy problems are nearly the same so one cannot tell if visitor took the idea from the website or not . This raises the issue , should all the visitors to the website be penalized or not and if not what should be done?

You cant penalize visitors given that you published the link here. Many curious people (including who already solved the problem) may click on your link and “visit” the site.

Tackling cheating in long challenges is a tough job (esp when things are discussed on other websites)…lets see what admins come up with…

Although my gut feeling says that plagiarism checker would catch and penalize most of them.


Common sense should have been mailing it directly to Support@Codechef instead of revealing it out here.


Its not only about revealing the issue , it is also about discussing as a community what action should be taken . Someone among the community might have an idea about tackling the problem that has not crossed members of the codechef team.


The discussion of the long challenge problems on that website has been going on from OCT16!!


Sure buddy, no offense, but revealing it while the contest is going on is not right at all. In some way by this action, you are too a part of this promotion. You can still bring down this discussion while challenge is running.

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Exactly, at least not by this way.

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None taken, this post might help codechef team in detecting some cheaters. Since I wrote this post the number of today’s visitors on that website increased from 141 to 256 and counting. Among these new visitors some might be cheaters who wanted a solution for their unsolved problem codechef team can analyse their previous submissions and the submissions made after I wrote this post and can catch a cheater

I dont think plagiarism checker would be able to do that… they did not actually discuss code…

Please someone delete this question. It’s promoting cheating and as @ssaxena36 said u should have some common sense to post it after the contest or mail it to codechef. Although the long challenge has almost ended now and there is no point now.


This is quite unfair. @admin

WTF, these guys should be banned!
I too faced similar problem, one of my test case was causing TLE, but using unjust means to rank in codechef isn’t good and it is against rules.

I think this question shouldn’t be considered in calculation of rating!

Well, it is clearly cheating, however, they only discuss problems that are not that hard, e.g.: Their CHEFSUBA solution is missing the crucial trick for solving subtask #2. If you are doing CP on a level, it should be more about learning anyway. So if anyone uses that page, they mostly hurt themselves, as they will not learn how to solve problems on their own and will likely never be able to solver harder problems.

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Anyhow, I wonder how did you happen to stumble across that website…


I googled “Chef and Subarray May long” the same title was used for previous contest problems also, so I clicked on tools–> select time past week and there was the link to that website

I think more than coding, Codechef is more about tackling problems and situations in a smart, absolute manner. I am sorry but here, you have failed @sidharth97

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