Cheating (problem discussion) in may long 2017

Is Codechef going to make this contest unrated. If so what about the people who paid their entire time to solve these questions on their own?.

I must say that these guys are losing out a lot by not working on the long challenges by themselves !!
Their loss :smiley:

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ops i clicked on the site!..

People who have cheated from that site they will make their own loss.As programming can’t be learn coping and pasting someone’s code. So i think this is not a very big issue for those people who have completed the problem by their own.Programming is just not about getting more points.

OK,my opinion in this matter is going to be a little unpopular I guess. And that is WHY do you care? As long as you are not cheating it should not concern you who else is doing what! I mean think about it, long challenge has point based ranking, so even if someone is cheating,it should not affect your ranking that much. and again, I checked the site, the site was more of a every one asking questions in the comments and nobody actually giving a definite reply like “Hey this is the code. paste it and you are good to go”. It doesn’t matter what you do about the site, there will be 1000 other ways by which people can cheat. It is a 9 day contest, which is for the sole purpose of learning.As long as you learning something new yourself from this contest,your purpose for participating in the contest fulfilled. If it was cookoff or lunchtime,that would have been a different story.

Making contest unrated in not a choice in this case because it will surely waste hardwork of many contestants who solved a lot of problems and gave their 12 days in solving them. this user has this website linked in his profile and has made posts on that website as well

proof in case he edits his profile:

Note: There was no code for the live problems on this website, only subtle hints and people discussing test cases in the comment section

Also going through comments of his posts on the mentioned website revealed some of the users that may have been involved in this, but i cannot say with definite proof about them.