Cheating : July long 2017

Hello Community!
I found a YouTube channel which posted videos of solutions of many of the July Long Challenge problems! Here is a link to one of the video I found : link.
I found the video when the challenge was live but did not post it since it would encourage more copying! Some strict action should be taken against such channels and I request @admin to take some steps as this types of things ruin the leaderboard!
Hope we have fair long challenges soon!
Thanks :slight_smile:


This type of cheating shouldn’t be encouraged as everyone tries hard to solve a problem and get AC and then this cheated ones who get the solutions by simply … huh can’t tolerate.
Please try to reduce these for the upcoming challenges.

You can mail this to feedback[at]codechef[dot]com

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Definitely will… I even urge u guyz to do the same!

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Report that channel guys !!! Its the only thing we can do sitting at home !


next time if this kind of thing happens pls inform the admin guyzz asap :slight_smile:

I wonder how you found that channel.


i agree if a lot of people report it it will go off

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube related to coding. I have even subscribed to most of the good channels! I got a suggestion one day of one of its video (possibly due to my subscriptions to other coding channels).

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I’m really skeptical about your explanation. We all know youtube won’t gives suggestions of videos that have very very low views and subscribers unless there is some matching keyword which in this case can only be “codechef” or the question name itself.
Not blaming you for cheating.

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Well I have even liked Codechef channel on YouTube. I don’t know whether that is a reason. And if you still don’t believe you can see my profile for knowing how much I tried to get AC in all the codes :slight_smile:


@sanket407 reporting the channel is not the only way to stop cheating in competition. Because today there is one guy who is doing this. Tomorrow there will be someone else who will be doing the same thing. Hence there should be a permanent solution for this stuff. Like banning the guy from Codechef itself and questions should be visible to those only who are registered for the contest. Though I reported that channel :slight_smile:


You have a point… But again how will registration even help? That guy could easily register in the contest and do what he is doing now!!
I don’t think we can do anything other than informing the admin and if Codechef itself takes some measures, the situation may improve!!

Banning helps this time but for further competitions?? Have some mind and try it on your guys. You can’t get the happiness after doing on your own and getting AC!! It’s what makes the Coding Beautiful…

wtf! my entire 10 days were of no use :frowning:

I very well understand this concern of cheating, but reporting it on forum does more harm than good. This thing has been reported earlier too, @admin will see whatever action he can take to tackle this cheating.

But, if you report it at discuss, people who were unaware of this will also know of these channels/links/blogs, and a percentage of them will hop down there during next month’s long to increase rank.


Oh yes but at least we can know the email account of the guy using it and then can ban the guy from codechef after knowing his email account from youtube channel. I know it sounds a bit illogical but that’s the best we can do. Rest is in the hands of Codechef. So let’s believe in @admin

If you didn’t cheat, you learned some new topics and got ACs, I think they were useful :slight_smile:


Dude @lord_ozb you have no right to blame @dishant_18 . If his intention was to cheat, he wouldn’t have blown up his future chances and post this blog.


Some people tried to ask questions directly on math exchange too during contest… I reported it as soon I saw that before some one could answer on that post… :slight_smile: I request you guys too to report these kind of posts if you see it somewhere online during contest…