Cheating in Kamehameha

The following sets of code are same. Although with minor formatting difference.

Admin look into this matter.


Hi Sobhagya, thanks for reporting it to us. We will look into it and take apt action.


The last solution you mentioned (of user @svm11) is not similar to the rest of the lot. It’s different from the rest.


I agree that the last one is quite different.

For the others, plagiarism should be taken very seriously.

People simply do not understand that long challenges are to learn more and more and not just get good ratings by copying codes!

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@all and @admin . This is my solution. I am sure if you see all the submission times, you will see that I was the first one to submit. Some solutions even still have " @author karan173 " comment. On seeing my ideone account, I realized that my code on ideone for Kamehameha, was listed as public. I apologise for this blunder. But I would like to reassure everyone that I personally have never indulged in any kind of cheating.


@sid_gup compare it with others, it have similar logic. I think he first saw this code and copied some part and modified others so that he can’t get caught. Since, it’s have the same complexity as others have and it lies between the time range 1.82 to 1.92 where all the solutions are copied one that’s why i put it here.

And now it’s upto admin whether they conisder it plagiarism or not.

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@sobhagya, the last solution uses HopcroftKarp matching algorithm which is different from all the other solutions.


@karan173 and @sid_gup, i removed the last one and @karan173 from next time onwards, check twice your visiblity while you use ideone

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I also noted this and sent feedback to admin. It is very disheartening when some people cheat for getting ratings and we try all day long to get answers. Please ban these people or reset their scores to 0.


@sobhagya: Your last to last comment makes a serious accusation. I know cheating in algorithmic coding in any contest pisses you off, but still it would be better not to see everyone through the same glasses.
@sid_gup and @karan173: Thanks for coming to my rescue.


@admin copying code was never intentional it was found while searching an optimized approach and just to check whether the code was working fine or not, so that I could generate test cases to check my answer and understand the algorithm to implement,so I submitted the code as it is. This was not intentional though, I came across a code I found on net while searching for a good algo or approach and submitted it. I accept my mistake and apologies for the same.


Great work man. Hopefully people will stop cheating after few persons are punished for such acts.


you have copied the entire code to get AC and you say its not intentional. Who are you kidding dude. What about all those who have spent hours debugging their codes to get it right. This is a contest at least show some spirit.


@admin My solution was listed in the above list.After my original solutions got accepted the second time and then were rejected again, I just wanted to know some test cases or some new algorithm related to the question.So I just submitted some code on IDEONE thinking that it might/might not work.And it did.I accept my mistake and my sincere apologies to the CodeChef community.


These 4 solutions are also same with variable name changes:

Another set:

I guess there are a lot more out there. Some drastic measures/penalties should be there to prevent this sort of rampant cheating in the future. Maybe a hall of shame section or a cheater stamp in their profile page.


The same thing happened to me in July Long when my ideone account got logged out automatically for two days and all submissions made during that time became public. I reported the cheating cases myself just after three hours the contest ended. Still my account was banned for more than two weeks and my rating took a significant drop. Codechef is very serious about these cheating cases. What is more disheartening is that two of these users are from our batch.


@admin @n2n_ and @all, for the above 4 solution categorized…We apologize for such behavior…When our individual solution got AC to WA…we had a day in our hand and so we coded together only for this question as we all have done different number of questions o n the contest, also we have not copied from IDEONE or other resources…Its not an excuse and we know that it is unacceptable behavior and we are ready to face penalties for the same…We promise not to do the same in future…

@admin I really apologize for submitting the same code .Actually we all 4 had coded together as a team as it was the last day of contest and all our solutions were giving wa so we submitted the same code .
I accept that this is my mistake and I assure you that it will not happen again in future …

Hall of shame! That feels like a good idea!


Woah! @sobhagya Did you do this manually??

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