Cheating in Kamehameha

@admin I want to register my serious apology on this matter.We were trying the code for all 10 days,even i got AC on the first day but due to re-evaluation of the code I got WA.Since,then I was trying to correct myself.On the last day of the contest,finally we decided to give a joint effort to it and due to the lack of time we all submitted the same code.
I know it’s against the norms…may be our frustation lead us do such a shameful job…I am guilty for what I have done…and ready to face the consequences…and I assure you I won’t indulge in these activities in the future.
I Apologize to all.

Hall of shame is great idea and I think, that also note in profile (something like this “coder cheated”) is great, because such coder will never share his profile as his achievement :wink: In such case no rating decrease for such users is needed from my point of view…


@tijoforyou yes. Actually, i checked some solution and i find them quite similar and their time range lies around 1.87. So, all i have to do is to check java solutions which lies just above and below that range. And seriously, all java codes between 1.82 to 1.92 are copied ones.


@svm11 I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling and it’s not my intention here. I simply point out some wrong doing in the current contest. And as i already state your solution lies in the time range where all the solutions are copied one. That’s why i put your name here. But, now i realises your code is genuine. So, i removed it.

And, it’s not pisses me off that someone copied other’s code for rating or ranking. Now, i don’t care about it. Because in real world these things don’t matter.


I personally believe resetting their scores to zero in both discuss forum and codechef rating will be the final solution to these kind of problem.


wow, nice job @sobhagya

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now cheating got more tagging than data structure…great…There is nothing unfair giving second chance to those users whose account is blocked…Ban them permanently if they repeat these kind of cheating in future.

Why giving second chance? Because: “We know you cheated, you have to cheat better in next contest.”? If they want, they can always create new account and start from the beginning…


…or even better, update their name in DB to something like “username (cheater)”, then you can see it in all ratings too…

These are exactly same and from Long contests NOV12 dammit … the copy thing goes so behind

check this

and this

They are exactly same and word to word…

Smarty @sobhagya
This platform is for learning and showing coding skills and not for copying skill. I think they are inspired from Anu Malik :slight_smile: