ACM-ICPC online round

Team’s that didn’t get qualified even after solving the second problem are from colleges where there is a lot of competition. So even if there were more problems they might not have qualified still. Teams qualifying solving a single problem are from colleges with less involvement in cp. They would have qualified anyways with a lower score even if number of problems were more. So I don’t understand what is the problem?


Only because you couldn’t solve doesn’t make it idiotic, it makes it a good one. Instead you should have said it was a tough problemset, with only one cakewalk to boost up the confidence.

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This shows he has practised/participated more and that’s why will get qualified(if he was able to solve that) but not you. Just blaming others for your failures doesn’t help.


If you worked hard and didn’t qualify it’s really heartbreaking. But was that Codechef’s fault or yours. Maybe you followed a wrong strategy. Maybe you panicked. Either was wasn’t the fault yours? Not everyday is your day you see. Luck and Skills both matters. You were just unlucky, so instead of blaming codechef try harder for next year?

lets agree to disagree

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@soham1234 you seem to be pretty worried about rating.why you only gave long contests in starting and cookoffs later.

Cookoff and Lunchtime timings are mostly not in my favour, so I generally have to skip them. And not for my ratings. :slight_smile: What would be worse, I would drop to 5* if i participate, i dont care and neither does any company. :slight_smile:

ohh and you were asking me to participate in cookoff’s and ltime when you yourself haven’t…Hypocrisy.

“neither does any company.” ohh so you do it for job

But I didn’t make the mistake like you did, did I? :slight_smile: Nor i blamed others for my failure. :slight_smile:

Yes if it could be a good addition to CV then also it was okay to care for ratings but it’s not because they don’t even care whether you are a 5* or a 2*. And yes if that mattered I would have cared for my ratings too, because I don’t wanna be unemployed after i graduate. Wouldn’t you have done the same?

You are just trying to take your frustration of not making it to regionals on everyone else , but it’s your fault, you are just not capable enough it seems.

for majority of people problemset was at have your views fine,don’t enforce it.
i don’t know your mistake as it is not available in public domain nor do i stalk you so i don’t know whether you blamed somebody or not

If you can’t even solve the second question then you should introspect whether you are worthy of going to the regionals or even World finals. and this isnt a Long challenge, Speed test or not the first question is always made such… My opinion xD

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@soham1234 looks like teams solving 1 question is capable enough from ranklist

we did 2nd but pretty late and many penalty.

how many did you solve? And yes I am against the “distinct college” policy, but even if that wasn’t enforced would you make it to the regionals? If yes, then sad better luck next time, system fucked you up. If no, then don’t blame others.

@soham1234 2 that’s why i commented on ashish’s post

Is anyone aware when will the final results be announced?
Or even the approximate dates would do.

okay then i guess you would have qualified if “distinct college” policy wasn’t followed, but sad nothing can be done. Also rules were stated from before so you should have tried to be clever not to waste time on single problem but give some time and skip. Anyways better luck next time and try not repeating the same mistakes. :slight_smile:

@soham1234 will you please guide me for the next year? I don’t know if this seems strange to you or a funny thing but I’m serious. It will help if You can share the strategy you follow for the whole last year and show the right path to get through. Because for the whole last year I did a lot (not know if it was lot for you but according to me I practiced a lot) but sadly didn’t get qualified this year also. Next year is our last chance :frowning: