A bug in Codechef New Year Gift!

It is really a very beautiful IDE to work on and really feels quite pleasant :slight_smile: . I thank Codechef for that. Its awesome!

But I see, it is not working when I type code there and run it. But if file is loaded in ide and run, then it works!

Kindly fix that!


I checked it with C++ language and “Hello World” program.

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Yeah, exactly. I was just about to post that. It shows “Code Submission failed” when we give custom input. I think it’s still not fully built.

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Also while typing the cursor is slightly to the left of the ideal current position, does anyone else face this issue too?


yes, otherwise its great

No, it doesn’t seem to be. Cursor blinks on the right side only as I can see.

Cannot edit any code…!! while pressing backspace pointer moves left but deletes a character to right.!!


Okay btw it is our responsibility too to make the IDE better, i feel, so please write in details about problem/problems faced by you guys in a mail and send it to bugs@codechef.com.


I am not having such problem except weird cursor location.

I am using C language, see the image of it working.
alt text

Yeah, the cursor seems to be situated one place left than usual.

Yeah, the cursor does seems to be situated one place left than usual.

Lucky you :slight_smile:

Its just so strange, in mine it’s correctly on the right side and blinks :stuck_out_tongue: different results on different systems

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i run a python code without edits, it was working fine.

But when i edit a cpp code


It was like on pressing backspace result was


i.e. Cursor moved to left direction but delete a character to right!! :frowning:

But i hope team will resolve it… :slight_smile:

It is a new feature and also a complex one.

An online ide with multiple (many) languages,custom input, text editor, interface and many more … is pretty complex and difficult to construct and maintain.

It is also in alpha/beta phase ( I think).

So at first it may lack the flexibility and efficiency but please bear with codechef, they will rectify/ modify it as soon as they can.

Note : One thing they should modify right way is remove the 30 second restriction between two submissions.

ya, the cursor blinks at 2 positions left whatever you type.
otherwise it is working good,
i have compiled a programe with gcc 4.8.1, it’s working.
great step by codechef team !!!

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haha… lucky you @damn_me

never mind i would like to appreciate for this initiative, and i know bugs are a part of development process, at least what i learnt from problem Sanskar… :stuck_out_tongue:

and i hope team will resolve the bug soon… :slight_smile:

Exactly… That sanskar problem the most inspiring ones :D!!

Just checked, C++ and JAVA are working too.

I can edit code also, just the cursor has weird position.

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But don’t you think removing that can impose a heavy load on the server which may be unnecessary. However, obviously they already must be having a way out of this, but still we many times submit(run) codes after removing just one or two errors while compiler shows many. When languages work on compiler basis then, I think this restriction should be there. However, even I find that irritating :stuck_out_tongue:

lol… Problem of the Year!!


And one more thing, is it possible if one use that ide somehow to see the submitted codes of other coders? I am craving for that feature from months.