Zonal Informatics Olympiad 201five

Can any boay tell hoe to solve 4th question and what is answers of other question ???

You may add your answers and logic first (I want to verify my answers :-))(Thanks for the help)

Really my doubt as well… Waiting for the answer key:-|

EDIT : Go here

Here are my answers for all of them;

  1. a-> 7300000000;
    b-> 5322222;
  2. did not solve;
  3. a->123;
  4. a->10;
    c->11 ( Doubtful as many people got 12 );

@rajat1603 You have a score of 50 for sure.I have only 40 :frowning: (messed the subparts)

CONSIDER TO UPVOTE IF YOU CAN. PLEASE ;-( (i need reputation so that I can get more active)