ZIO and ZCO Cutoff


what was the the minimum score required in zio and zco 2014 to get qualified for inoi ??

Cutoffs for ZIO can be found on the iarcs site. It was 40 for 12th, 30 for 11th and 25 for 10th and below. [source]

As for ZCO, according to pushkar mishra, it is usually one problem out of two. [source]

@superty The ZCO usually has 4 problems, not 2.

Edit: The INOI itself has 2 problems.

There are two sessions in ZCO, morning and afternoon. You can write any one. Each session has two problems, so each person attempts only for two, though there are four problems in total.

My mistake. The practice server had 12 problems and they said it was past 3 years so I just did 12/3. Didn’t know about the sessions.

Can a person who gave the first session see the questions of the second session at least?

I don’t know.

Whats the starting time for tomorrows zco .

Guys what is the compilation command given in the practise sets .

@superty Will we be able to know the score during the contest?

rishkeshwar the time is 10 to 1 or 2 to 5

Can someone explain me the question 4 of ZIO. I did part(a) myself by looking at all possibilities. I can’t ask it myself as I don’t have enough karma.