ZIO 2015 Cut Off

What do you think the cut off will be for 10th std in ZIO 2015?
And when are the results announced?

Mr. Mukund told that the results would be out after 10 days.About the cut-off for 10th graders, I suppose it will be a maximum of 35

@ronq What will be the cutoff for 12th. I have secured 50 marks will that be enough ?

I was expecting 60 but later i realised that i messed up two sub questions. I was thinking about the mistakes the whole day. I thought that i would not make the next round.
If you are sure that 35 would be the cut off then I am relieved.

Last year,the cutoff for 12th graders was 40, and I scored 60.This year I scored 65 so i expect the cut-off to raise by at most 10 marks.This relative system is nothing but stupidity,but lets be optimistic and hope to get through.I have sent you a request on Facebook, add me there, we can discuss easily

Don’t worry,the cut-off for 10th graders is generally 10- 15 marks lesser than the normal cut-off.:slight_smile:

I am in 11 .Last year i qualified zio , this year my marks would be 35. I messed up with 1 question or else it would be at least 55. Paper was easy , will i be able to clear with 35 as cut off.

You can get selected only if you are really fortunate. Since last year the cut off was 30 for 11th graders and as this year’s paper was easy the cut off is expected to rise by 10.

Results are out - http://www.iarcs.org.in/inoi/2015/zio2015/results_zio2015.php


The cutoff was 45 for 12th, 40 for 11th, 35 for the rest.

So did you make it through?

Yeah, I did.

Congrats. INOI it is now.

Yeah. Good luck.