ZCO15003 Help to code in java

I got the idea to solve ZCO15003 using the greedy method but I am finding it difficult to code in Java.
My method:

  1. Sort the 2d array based on closing interval.
  2. take the closing interval of the first element in array
  3. Iterate over the array checking if its fits in that interval and if it fits then remove it from array
  4. the final answer is the size of the array.

Any leads are appreciated.

Check out this link. Try to solve on your own for some time after reading the hints.
I can show you my code but it is in C++.

Why would the greedy approach not work?

Sorry, my bad.

I overlooked the “based on closing interval” part.

When I first solved the problem, I sorted the array on the basis of opening interval and got WA. I thought he had some similar and thus the comment.

I will edit my comment.