I am a beginner competitive c++ programmer.
I don’t know c++ well.

I was trying ZCO question and i entrapped in chewing problem

What should i do when i stuck in ZCO problem

I am preparing for ZCO.

Please help me.


Get started with the IARCS web site. It contains the minimal and sufficient amount of information to get started. Also now they have included videos from ACM India Council president Mr. Madhavan Mukund (also responsible for conducting ZCO and ZIO). These videos are also available as a course on NPTEL. The requirement of this course is that you should know some basic programming language. For this you could have a course by the same person on Python or As you are telling about c++ i will suggest you to work out with STL it really shortens your burden of coding stacks queue etc. and you can get through without working much of c++.Also the STL reference is provided on the competition site during ZCO and INOI.

These all are are really nice resources. For initial practice you should start with Codechef’s beginner section and code at least 10 of them though in say c++ ; the questions are really easy and if you are still not able to code them them you could look at other’s solutions in c++ this is how i learnt. But if you want to spent time on all kinds of problem without repetition you should practice on IARCS judge. It contains just 44 questions and after doing them you will have had a background for most of the types of problem and then you are ready to compete.

The fact I am emphasizing on IARCS resources is that they are really brief and great also they have been created for students participating in ZCO and INOI.

Also a pro tip when i gave ZCO in 2014 there was a major problem of traffic on site. So i will suggest you to download all the questions during the starting period of the contest as later the site might not load easily.
Infact last year all the students were granted qualification due to this.(I am not sure about this years pattern)

Finally all the best!

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edit: I saw your profile on codechef and a few solutions i think you were working fine syntactically. It is not that you don’t know c++ its just that you are still begining competitive and it gets easier when you learn standard types of problems and algorithms ; getting AC 's is difficult initially. As i saw that you had solved fine number of beginner problems you can dive into STL and IARCS resources easily now. Continue doing ZCO problems you will easily get through.