ZCO 2018 discussion

Personally I think the question were a little harder than previous years. I managed to finish in 2hrs.
First problem was prefix sums+ maths
Second was greedy + implementation


As usual the machines were in the worst condition possible… Repeated prompts of access denied to the test data opening successfully with only half an hour left. The pages weren’t even loading properly… environment was below average…IARCS should look into this matter asap…it’s become a regularity in ZCO from a couple of years

actually for me access denied was showing in only the first 30-40 mins and pages weren’t loading only in the first 10 mins. Thg, environment was excellent for me

Solved the first one using a bit maths+dp.
Tried the second one using greedy. Passed subtasks 1,2&4. No idea why the third wasn’t working. Checked all the base cases. Any cutoff approximations?

Where can one get the problems ?

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Did someone manage to get AC on the first one?I got the correct output for the public test case but no matter what codechef kept giving me WA.I used brute Force.

Btw, if u would have hovered over submissions u could see how many people got what score in p1 or p2.
So 4 people got 100 in p1 while 7 got 100 in p2.


Ya I saw that. With any luck, I’ll maybe get 100 (after the original data is tested) on the 2nd problem. Good enough for a months preparation, but probably won’t make it to INOI.

pls add your scores here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dQBIbeEdr_6fMtLhwiGUg7FNVHYH1n5ImL9bnZhuB5s/edit#gid=0

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Getting 0…

Wasted lot of time on 2nd…

Feeeling bad…

It was lot difficult then the previous years…

Let’s all report feedback to i arcs and report them about difficulty

I don’t think they’ll consider increased difficulty as a fault

Seemed a lot more difficult than previous questions. Managed only 60 on the second tproblem. {0 on the first one)

The questions can be found at this link:

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What is the expected cutoff?
I wasted all my time trying to get 100 on the second problem(got 75) probably should have tried the 1st one.

What method exactly did you use for the first one? the XYZ question

@mathecodician when did u see that the no of right submissions for p1 to be 4 because in ur spreadsheet there are 4people with 100 and I also got 100 in p1 which means there are minimum 5 persons who got 100 in p1

Everyone give ur feedback to iarcs more would be the feedback more would be the same pressure and thus somehow I guess we can pass through zco. If they get more than 100 such request chances are very very high that some immediate action would be taken for the students…

Tell them about increased difficulty, increased tension, increased inconvenience etc. in order to make ur way to inoi

I tried brute but answers were off by one or two idk why may be due to weak test cases but idk, only thing we can do know is complain to iarcs at ico@iarcs.org.in … do it ASAP…