ZCO 2015 Cutoffs

Post your ZCO 2015 result here! Hopefully we can estimate the cutoff.

The cutoff is probably 100/200.

How much is everyone getting?

1 full problem 100/200 is cutoff
Easier to get to INOI through zio

I got 200/200. Morning session was much easier than afternoon session.

What was the solution for BREAKUP?

@potatio Dynamic Programming. My approach was O(n^2). I used Longest Common Substring to find out which substrings were pandromic, then I calculated the maximum length of palindromic substring at any point and then using dp found out the best selection of splits.


You can find another solution here: http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/57517/zco-2015-discussion/57560

I am 32767% sure that cutoff will be 100 if not 40 (~120 people , many on ducks (I was on afternoon session))(~50 get selected)). Clearly cutoff will be very low

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I had afternoon session have 100. Partial marking must always be there .

i got the second question on morning session. and TLE on first :frowning: so hope its 100/200

Was the test data for the morning session available offline?

Yes, they uploaded it because they were having server problems.

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Iā€™m curious. What form was it available in? Could you see the actual inputs, or was it something else?

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I asked Madhvan sir , he said many students minimum upto 100 will be selected through ZCO because less were selected through zio . max cut off will be 100. cut off may go below this also.

I qualified with 100!

The results are out?

I received a mail saying I had qualified, and that they were waiting for all certificates to be received before formally declaring them.

Did anyone else get a mail saying they had qualified?

Yes, I did.