Your-Codeforces-Filter is all about filtering your submissions .Instead of skimming through 8-10 pages to just find submission of a particular problem or to find how many C type sums you have solved. This is all now possible in one click !!!

It filters your submissions based on level,verdict, contest and other such parameters and returns a whole list of submissions to directly click and view the problem statement, submission,contest to which the problem belonged,etc

The picture shows that the most legendary coder tourist has 398 Accepted submissions of C and D type sums and second picture shows that he has made 1108 submissions on C,D,E and F level of problems

Try it out for yourself as desktop site:

Your Suggestions and feedback’s are valuable and will help me improve Your Codeforces Filter and will also help the codeforces community.For feedback’s and improvements please feel free to contact at

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