your ACM-ICPC story..!!

hi all…as a newbie i wanted to all about ACM-ICPC contest…how to prepare for it and also tips from u…how u cracked it !!


@sumeet_varma and @rajat1603 . If you guys can share your thoughts here , that will be great.!

guys…pls respond !!
It would help a lot for newbies(like me) if u share ur preparation stratagies and related stuff…!!
I can even use google,bt getting answers directly from u and especially in dis forum makes a huge impact on newbies !!

A simple but effective advice: avoid coding a problem immediately if you’re unsure or only partial about your solution. Scratch paper or whiteboard is your best friend.

For practice, joining long challenges is the fastest way to learn lots. Afterwards, join short contests to improve your speed. Don’t feel ashamed to read other people’s code, that’s where you’ll learn a lot about different techniques for problem solving. But at the very least, do implement things on your own to see if you’re really able to understand it. Learn your own coding style, read lots of editorials to compare solutions, eat lots of sugar, and aim for that AC :slight_smile:


tqq for u suggestion @hikarico !!

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