Wrong way to increase KARMA

@admin and @every1…this is not a QUES but just wanted to make you aware of the fact that few people are creating fake accounts and liking their own posts to generate KARMA…this is what i have observed lately…pls look into the matter…and for people who are doing this, i would just like to say that you are gaining nothing out of it…you are just making urself look like a big fool as every1 can see what your KARMA history is…so if ne1 may be doing it for the goodies…then pls get a life DUDE…!!!


@kunal361 >> Correctly pointed. I know each and every such user along with their fake profiles who have misused the karma uplift last month. And I had mailed to feedback@codechef.com, and they replied as well. I request you to do the same. More number of e-mails there means more attention and that ultimately means more decent discussions here rather than people wrongly upvoting their own Q/As.

i have already mailed with an example of 1 such account…lets see what happens…and thanks for the support…:slight_smile: