//after a recent post by kchahdog about unethical karma farming last month a similar case :frowning:

I noticed that this user was upvoted nearly 12 times in a matter of 5 mins by this user today(with same name).

he seems to be a user with good reputation(seeing his karma) , i dont know whether he is part of this or the work of any other user who resort to this way to ruin his reputation(creating a same username as his name).

Can anyone especially admin look into this


@upendra1234 is active in codechef discuss and contributed a lot in past. He was never a part of these type of activities. Lets hope that it’s a mistake. I Think someone is trying to defame active users on codechef discuss. Hope @admin looks into this matter , otherwise it will be a problem for genuine users who help others through codechef discuss platform.

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well im amazed u noticed this …admin should look at this

I had already sent an email to them earlier today about this.Its up to Codechef people to decide about the specific user. Hope no one is trying to spoil his reputation.

@squal Thanks for pointing this out for me also… Don’t worry this is not done by me . Whenever I found time to write something for anybody I used to do so.

And I only consider codechef.com to increase my coding skills not to get good karma . I am on codechef since last 15-16 months and also hosted one contest for my college tech-fest.
I respect codechef.com and also its community so guys don’t make such kind of answers that make me feels cheater.

Thanks again I will also e-mail codechef.com to block the id with this username .

@kcahdog there is nothing like inflated my karma graph its only depend on your activeness on this website if you post something relevant you will get karma.



sad to know that there are people like them who just create account to disturb the community’s reputation :frowning:

Sorry for my wrong choice of words.Unfortunately it is very easy to defame anyone here.Hope people stop such activities and do not disturb this forum

Hi All, We strictly suggest our users to refrain from any unethical practices to increase karma. Any account found indulgent in such practices will be immediately banned from the platform. We do not promote any such activity, you can read all about it here: http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/12573/unethical-karma-farming