Wrong updation of score for Feb-long challenge problem.

My score in the challenge problem is:- 10356.56 points.
My rank was 42 at 4:15 pm,after 5 minutes it turned back to 197,after few minutes it again went back to 42, then again back to 197, now its 42 again.

Why is this happening, can Codechef fix this please?

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exactly !!!
even mine changed this way ( though not so much ) !!!

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Same if happening with me… even if people below with me aren’t submitting any code, my rank is dropping below them. @vijju123 @admin
Fix this asap please.

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yep, that feels so awkward :stuck_out_tongue:


see latest announcement on the page which contains all questions . I think that’s the reason …

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This is because all submissions were being rejudged. So score was changing that way. Now it has been done.

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