Wrong upcoming contest countdown

The upcoming contest countdown on the start page shows the wrong time.
Currently it displays “Upcoming Contest March Cook-Off 2017 0 Days 2 Hrs 9 Min 47 Sec” for me, but the contest has already started, only 9 minutes and 47 seconds left.

What does the countdown compute? Can you fix this please. Since a countdown doesn’t depend on time zones it should always display the correct time.

Refresh the page.

Did it, now it shows March Lunchtime 2017, 5 Days 23 Hrs 40 Min. Although it is actually in 5 Days 19 Hrs 10 Min. Seems like it computes IST start time - current local time.

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It’s showing the correct time @afaxnraner. Showing 5:17:45 now.

@agrocks23 Probably because you are in India. I’m in Europe and it shows 5:20:04 right now.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. It is indeed an issue for people in different time zones. This will be fixed soon.