Wrong solution accepted...!! (CodeWar NIT Durgapur)

Problem code: CWAR02
Wrong solution: https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/8291207
I think first codechef should be checked that test cases are passed or not,only college test-cases ore not sufficient. this kind of mistake is not first time i saw this in some others college event which was conducted on codechef.



CodeChef is not responsible for external contests. It’s just a free platform for colleges to host contests. Making test cases is a big part (over 50%) of the work in setting an online contest, so if the college isn’t doing that then they’re pretty much not doing anything. Most small college contests have very bad/very incorrect test cases but that’s the point - everybody’s learning something in the process of having the contest.

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@vvneagleone well said!!