Wrong Rank in Snackdown 2017 Certificate

I got rank of Snackdown Pre-Elimination Round A on my certificate of codechef snackdown 2017.
Whereas I got better rank in Snackdown Pre-Elimination Round B.
So, why did I get rank of pre-elimination round A, not of pre-elimination round B on my certificate, as both rounds were of same level?

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Did they mailed the certificate ??

It is there in the ‘My Certificates’ section in your account.


It’s not there !!! what to do then ?

It’s not there for me too, @admin please update us on this.

where did they give the certificate ? mail ?

You can find that in My Certificates section in user-dropdown.

Hey, Did they mail the certificate.?
I cant find any certificate.Please help!

never mind.Got it!

Same issue here. Ranked 55 in round B and 1095 in A
Certificate shows rank 1095 :expressionless:
Please see to this.

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Were only leaders supposed to get certificates? What about the other member of team??

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everyone will get one soon.

have you asked them @swetankmodi?

Same problem here!!,help us @admin

Wrong rank in the certificate.
My rank was 615 in pre-elimination B. But in the certificate, it is 3887.

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Your rank in Pre-Elimination Round A is 2090, not 1095.

@vijju123 , What is your rank in the certificate?
Is it 2090 or 1764?

2090, from Pre-Eli A

@swetankmodi , 1095 is your rank of Elimination Round.
It would be mentioned in your certificate as the rank of Elimination Round.

Hi, we are looking into it, we shall get this resolved soon. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.