Wrong plagiarism case.

Respected @admin, I recently got an email that I was charged for plagiarism in the JULY18B long challenge, it was regarding the problem NSA.

The solutions that are under the scanner are essentially the brute force solutions to the problem, links to which are:



There are a few points I would like to highlight in this matter:

  1. Being charged for plagiarism before, and correctly so ( was not aware about the code of conduct and tried to have 2 accounts, but discontinued the other once was charged and then I read all the rules), I already know that doing this the second time would lead to my suspension, I took all the extra care when it came to any live contests.

  2. The solutions under consideration are the 10pt solutions(brute force),
    why would I cheat for just 10pts.

  3. The solutions being the brute force solutions (sharing the same very simple, basic logic) are meant to have some sort of similarity, I do not blame MOSS for this, but at the same time it is not right for me or the other user concerned here (who I don’t even know) to face the repercussions.

I am deeply hurt to face a wrong charge here, please take a look at this @admin @vijju123

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I have also been charged and this other code is completely same as of me and by some other user.
I don’t know what’s happening !
I got an email for NMNMX and there also my code was completely copied.
Is there a possibility that my account has been hacked during the contest?
@admin @vijju123

If the code is completely same, then it is definitely your mistake.
The laws state that protection of our code is our responsibility. Hacking an account seems highly unlikely.

yeah it doesn’t seems to be a copy case seeing your codes(indentations and all),u should reply to her and contact some moderator,it will be fine

Ok. Please post your formal argument clearly & unambiguously here. Also, send it on mail via @admin. I will ask the concerned @admin to look at it, but I’d suggest make it formal and and effective. :slight_smile:

@vijju123 I hope you will highlight this to the concerned @admin now.

I did. But its weekend (holiday), so please be patient :).

I have also received a mail for NSA, 30 points answer and the other one’s solution is exactly copied as that of mine :(. I have written a mail yesterday but still got no response.

Did you use Ideone or any online IDE ?

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yes, ide.codingblocks.com, but I shared the proof on the mail that I shared that link with myself and submitted them at that time only when I shared it, someone else has tried to randomly try urls of that online ide and submit the code, even with my comments on it, I have shared that url also and screenshot of that shared proof also.

I know that its my mistake to use an online ide but, I never thought of this possibility and been accused of this for the first time, and with the proofs that I have written the code myself I request for being exempted this time with a warning, and the other person must be punished.

I am sorry but as far I know if you have used online IDE and if your code got matched to a great extent which is 100% in your case,it simply means you are at fault as you are responsible for the protection of your code.
@vijju123 Have a look at this.

@admin , please look into this.