Wrong penality decision

Hi everyone,

I sent two messages some weeks ago at codechef, but got no answer at all. So I suppose I will have more chances if I post here.
So here was the mail:


I’ve been wrongly penalised for november cook-off.
I don’t even know how can you consider the two solutions as possible cheating. Even if the solution looks like the same, the algorithm of most participants looks like exactly like my code, just because the algorithm asked was trivial and can’t lead to alternative solutions.
Please, make cheating detection smarter. Even if I don’t have a very good rating on codechef, it seems obvious that there are lot more chances that I solved the first problem than cheated.

I haven’t published my code on ideone/pastebin, and haven’t read any code from other coder. "

Here were the codes that were supposed to be copied: http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/5447458 and http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/5448285 (it’s like saying that every solutions “Hello world” were copy of others codes…)

Thanks in avance

Ps: Don’t answer me “you’re not supposed to post this here”, because I could easily answer that they’re supposed to answer at mails sent…

Edit: Still no informations from admins?


For such a trivial algorithm, they are as different as they could be.

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I can understand your felling. You can call at +912230797709. Hope this helps.

Cheers and merry christmas.

Yeah… I’m not very interested in wasting money and time making a call at a foreign country just to get virtual points on a website.

If they don’t have the organisation to reply at mails or messages from forum, I’ll just try to recover points on contests. But if they continue to make this kind of mistake, I’ll just quit this website.

Merry christmas to you too!


Bro, perhaps, when you’ve written the code on Ideone ,You’ve not made it private .

I think that you have been made it “secret” on Ideone ,but doing “secret” is not the way of safing your code, It can be searched through google using the test cases of sample input.
So, Mind it next time.

Thats not good!!

i too implemented same logic, after all algorithm was mentioned in the question only… :frowning:

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Its quite hard to surely determine plagiarism cases in case of questions of ‘cakewalk’ difficulty… moreover the base of the algorithm was mentioned in the question itself. Codes written independently by different coders can look almost same just by coincidence in such questions… I think that plagiarism should not be checked for ‘cakewalk’ questions, since the benefit of doubt must go to the problem solver…


I have not used ideone at all :smiley:

“I haven’t published my code on ideone/pastebin, and haven’t read any code from other coder.”