Wrong Login and Password : I am logged with regular login successfully still

I am already logged in with my regular login password

when I am submitting solution for AIMFIB getting following error message

Error Page on submitting solution in python

My code is here…
python solution


      for i in range(2,5000):
      while t :
        if n in f :
        else :

can anyone predict what is the problem??

many user face this problem …if you also facing this problem please vote this post

we will send mail to codechef soon



I have been trying to submit CREDSQR. same problem…
Codechef please look into the matter

To my knowledge, Codechef uses the compiler provided by Sphere Research Labs. They probably changed their password on that site and didn’t update the code here.

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same problem for ANUBTG

When I submit my solution a popup comes up saying 'Wromg login ID or password".plz…resolve the problem.

Same here on the Ciel … task

I too am getting this problem when I try to submit my solution to DISCHAR. I guess that this might be the problem with everyone trying to solve a problem(?)

problem is for everyone, cant upload answers too

I’m also having the same problem while submitting the code to Turbo Sort

Dude Same problem I tried AIMFIB.

What is happening to Codechef!!

I am also experiencing the same problem.

who knows other than codechef??

hey dude…

if you are also facing same problem like this post we will send mail to codechef tonight…

definitely they look matter soon if more users are facing same problem,

higher chance to resolve soon…


Same problem, i tried 2 different submissions and same

I am also getting same problem even for earlier submitted problems

Same problem here.
Codechef please look into the matter and fix it soon.

I am also experiencing the same problem

i am also facing same problem…can anyone…

yup…me too…how much time will take to rectify this problem?

i am also experiencing d same!!

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