Wrong judgement in CEW3 from COWC2018

Question: https://www.codechef.com/COWC2018/problems/CEW3/

The only possible answers to this question are 1 and 0 - i.e. integers.
The questions mentions that “Print the answer with precision upto 6 decimal places.

Notice how it says ‘upto’. So answers with less than or equal to 6 decimal digits (and that means 0 digits as well) should be accepted.

However, my solution with no decimal digits got Wrong Answer:

and the following with 6 digits got Accepted:

Note that an answer with 0 digits must be accepted, as it has always been like:
where in the question the sample answers had decimal digits, but my solution which printed integer only was accepted.

@vijju123 @admin Could you look into this issue?

@vijju123 Please close this thread if there is going to be no response.

The reason of no response was that we can do nothing after the contest gets over and things are done. Its a common problem with rookie setters, and its hard to do something about it. He probably selected the wrong judge (i.e. check if given output is an exact match instead of check if error is less than {10}^{-6}.)

Also, please tend to mail such issues either to me or @admin (preferably). At times a few things get missed at forum due to busy schedule- especially as there are urgent matters coming up at mail.

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