Wrong judgement for GCDDIV in April Lunchtime

Question is related to April Lunchtime 2018.

The problem code is GCDDIV

I found two submissions which got 100 points One is https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/18380850

and the second is https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/18375921

The first submission got 100 points event thought It does not deserve 100 points because that fails for the test cases like


3 6

101 10201 1030301

For this solution 18380850 gives its answer as “YES” but the right answer is “NO” solution 18375921 gives correct answer as “NO” for the above test case.

Now I want this to be looked upon by the codechef and take some fair actions regarding this.

What is the use of a separate thread when you there is an announcement thread?

What is the use of 2 threads on same thing, with same content as your answer on that announcement thread?

What is the use of posting one thing multiple times when a mod has already told you that your feedback is given to the respective admins?

Minor karma penalty for this misconduct. Please abide by discuss rules and regulations. We do not want spam threads at the forum.

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What announcement? Where has it been made?

One thing I want to mention @vijju123 . Not related to this case. If I am posting a question. And I press twice on Ask a question. Or when I answer a question I press more than once on Answer the question. Same question/answer is posted multiple times. You can see my activity here https://discuss.codechef.com/users/263381/aryanc403/recent/ . On 24th april my same answer was posted 10 times on https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/126038/things-to-do-in-summer-vacation/126047 thread. And then I have to delete 9 answers of them.

cont… Due to comment size limit.

You can see time of posting answer 24 Apr, 10:28 . 10 answers in less then 1 min. Even deleting them took ~1.5 min.

@sorb1997 - I was asking him to post that on announcement/invitation thread of the respective contest only ( https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/126114/invitation-to-codechef-april-lunchtime-2018 ). No use of posting it there and then post the exact same thing as a separate question. It defeats the purpose of that thread- When I proposed the @admin s for that, it was so that we can collectively collect feedback from a single source, and so that “duplicate question” issue is fixed.

I saw no point of this thread because I had already assured him that his feedback has reached contest admin.

@aryanc403 - I am well aware of that. Thing is, he didnt bother deleting that question then, which kind of made me sad. Also, my main idea was, once its conveyed to you that your feedback has reached the respective admin, what is the point of a separate thread for that? That thread will just push some other more genuine question to second page which may not get answered then. It defeats my motive of keeping front page of discuss relevant :frowning:

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Sorry sir but that was done accidently.
I first posted in but it showed an error so ai reposted it.

I dont mind that. My concern is, what was the need of it when your feedback was already given? I compared your feedback to this question and they were same. Hence the concern.