Wrong Answer

I am getting wrong answer For a problem
But the problem works perfectly fine on every test case and even on cases generated by me
I am using this website for the first time so I am a little unaware of the checking method
Please Help

Note i cannot post my code as it is a contest problem

Hi adkcodeme! Only thing I can suggest is that do not just think of the test cases that being provided here, try to build test cases of your own.
Big Hint: Code isn’t always the way question is formulated, always anything more efficient can be done! :wink:

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Thank You sir, I have tried a lot of Cases of my own which are perfectly fine
However I am having a doubt about Limits
For example suppose a hypothetical prob has 1<K<120 Then will it be valid to provide a solution which will also work for k=360(violating the maxima )

I also Am having a doubt about inputs for say for example
If the input is given in the problem of the form
3 4 5 1 3
Then in my soultion
3 will also work fine is anything wrong with how the input or output :Looks :like???

Is this a very common problem

No, Input is given in exactly the same form, just note that output should also be in the same format. Like, if Chef demands output corresponding to every test case on a different line then do add next line while printing out the answer. Btw *Mam it is. :stuck_out_tongue: