wrong answer

Hi everybody, I just coded for May’14 challenge, whose problem title is chef jump. I’ve coded it in my own editor and ran it through terminal(I use linux). It ran very well. I copied and pasted the source code in the area given to submit. then i hit on submit. Alas! I got my answer checked wrong by codechef!
Do I need to have any input and output files? I did just do like, taking in user choice through keyboard and printing out in terminal the desired output.
guys, help me out coz i’m new in here.

Not at all. Check the constraints of the problem properly, that could help you out.

The steps ypu followed are correct. You do not need any input or output files. You have to take input from STDIN(i,e your keyboard,etc) and give the output on STDOUT(i,e your terminal,etc). Your submission gave a Wrong answer because there was some problem with your logic or code or something else.
Because you are new here i would suggest you to just solve TEST or HS08TEST first. These will take not much time to solve and will you an idea about how to submit a problem.