Wrong answer IPCTRAIN

Could somebody help me in finding which testcase my code is failing in the que IPCTRAIN

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Why are you using sets? Sets CANNOT store duplicates. As such, your approach fails if more than 1 instructor with same properties is present. Eg-

3 5
3 1 1000
3 1 1000
3 1 1000
Your Output
2000 (only 1 instructor added in set)
Expected Output

Perhaps increasing lectures in case of encountering same type of instructor can help.

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sets wont store duplicates , so just use multiset for this purpose another stl in c++ which works same as set but allows you to store duplicates.

if not you can refer to this solution , i simply used priority queue to do -

I knew the priority queue approach but wanted to try it with sets btw Thanks!! just appended and multi before set and it got a AC :slight_smile:

Multiset would be a better option Thanks btw!:slight_smile:

yes multiset is a better option to set in case of a heap if you are looking at storing duplicates