wrong answer for problem FANCY

i have written this code and run it on other IDE it is showing right output but here it is giving wrong answer
please help i ma not getting where is mistake
here is my solution https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/22248481

You’re right. I’m also not getting the correct answer with the test case provided. Although, running on another IDE on my machine gives me correct output.

Can @admin ban this account for attempting to share the code to others?

@tsar1 You have started with Competitive Programming. Atleast don’t be so dumb, you are asking to debug the code of an ongoing rated contest. Wait for Monday 3pm IST.

If some genuine doubts, post in the comment section of the problem and before that, spare a few minutes to check the rules of posting.

Just wait for the editorial

my code is running on eclipse but not here

i got AC (100 points). you can wait for the tutorial

Banned user.