wrong answer, can anyone help?

int main()
int amount;
float Y,X;
printf(“Enter your initial Balance and the Amount to be Withdrawn. Note the Values should lie between 0 and 2000”);
if((amount<Y) && (amount%5==0))
return 0;

Please read FAQ especially part “How does Codechef test whether my solution is correct or not” part, this note is important for you

If your program starts by printing ‘Enter the number’ and the problem does not tell you to do so, then since this is not part of the correct output, you will be never be judged correct regardless of what the rest of your program does.

Section “What should I do with invalid input” is also interesting to read :wink:

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@Abhay Saini: Please work upon your acceptance rate too . 192 karma and 0 acceptance rate looks very awkward.

but he just asked only this one question, so it’s 0% or 100%, my accept rate is really low, but it’s because I cannot accept my own answer - at least this one is without answer too (http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/704/is-it-possible-to-accept-own-answer), in fact his karma is 1, but also didn’t realize first time :smiley: