Wrong ans TACHEMIS

I am getting a wrong answer everytime but I have checked a lot of cases and the code runs fine on them
Can anyone help me regarding this. Thanx in advance


During checking for each segment if it is in the middle of a palindrome.
U should stop the search whenever the segment to its right is not equal to the first segment to its left (case: alpha[i-j] != alpha[i+j])
as it is not possible to make any palindromes in this case







In this test case, when u start searching using (C,3) as the middle segment

You compare (B,2) and (D,2) which are not equal (B!=D)

You should stop the search at this moment

because if you continued, you will check (A,3) and (A,3) and count that as a palindrome while it is not.

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Thanx a lot for the answer
Yes that was indeed something i missed But still I am getting wrong ans…Am I still missing something??

I cannot say about wrong answer but you will surely get a TLE since you have not applied Manacher properly , as for case :
a 1000000000

one reason of getting WA is also that you r not flushing the memory…