write program for button click


iam having huawei internet dongle it has a application (opens up wehn plugged into usb) in which i have to click redial many times to get it connected. as a person learning programming iam thinking of writing some program to handle it that is it should do auto re dialing till it connected to internet … i know i dont have the source code of the application that my internet dongle is using …can any of u help me to do or direct me to do it by some web links…

What advice I can offer you is that if you are interested in doing these kind of things where practical programming is required, I would suggest you to start using linux.

Doing this is possible in linux, you have this utility in linux called sakis3g which acts as a periphery between your modem and internet, and its open source so you can tinker with it.
(its possible in windows also but it would require you to reverse engineer the .exe file your your service provider and might be illegal also.)
Make the jump to linux it will change your life.