write a program to generate unique substrings(contains only unique characters) of given string.

please suggest efficient solution.

I am assuming that you want to generate distinct substrings of a string.
U could do this using trie in O(N^2)
Just insert all suffix of the string in trie,and then count the number of nodes is trie.To get the strings u can do dfs.

lets say abba


       / \

      a. b

     /    \

    b.    b

  /         \

 b.          a



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Edit:- Sorry i misread the question.If the substring can have only unique characters then u can do simple bruteforce as @ayushkapadia said.

If you want to generate substrings which have only unique characters, then it is very simple done in O (N X 26). As the length of that substring will not be greater than 26 according to pegion hole principle. So just do the brute force that is for every i loop over all j greater than i, but stop whenever you see a repeated character.I am not considering printing time here.But in the worst case it will be O (26 X 26 X N).

for i in range (0,n):
   myDict = dict ()
   for j in range (i,n):
      if s [j] in myDict:
      myDict[s [j]] = 1
      print s [i:j+1]

Oohk I think i misread the question.

Thanks for correcting.